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Updated: May 15, 2023

I’ll tell you about writer's block.

It's almost like this pit of nothing in the bottom of your stomach.

You get hangry.

You know? Hungry and angry. Knowing you want and deserve more. Understanding your potential, and recognizing how influential you could be if you just got out of your own way.

It then becomes an object in your mind.

You’ve now made it into something.

Once we realize it was never anything to begin with, it was all in your head, an illusion.

Some call it too a delusion.

Thank God for it. Because if it were to be real, you’d have to heal.

How scary and daring it is to grow outside your comfort zone.

Sarcastic, condescending, prick. Low lifer. hater. ugly, ick. Tell me more.

You whore! lol.

With one thought, one truth, and one action you could change the world.

Writing to me has become my savior, my voice, and a part of my truth.

I never knew how to value any of you or even this life. I never knew how to value myself;

I tend to flee.

I’ve lied. I’ve stolen. I’ve been a cheat. I then chose to paint with my feet.

I’ll always come back,

To her. The one beneath the mask. Or that little girl diagnosed and treated like the others.

What makes one special? I'm neither, or.

Moreover, a word, noun, verb, phrase, etcetera, is the epitome of our tone in life.

We are all going to die soon, someday, and I guess that is why I sit to worry about my family and friends. I feel guilty. Here is when I feel like a real person.

holy crap. We are currently on earth breathing.

still flabbergasted by it all.

Every person. Every person I’ve ever encountered.

You’ve taught me something so beautiful. You’ve shown me something so real.

How to heal?

Here is where I learn by projecting onto another, a foe, or brother.

How dare she, right?

Her father and mother would be so proud!

Would you still think of me as a bother if I were another?

Business, nothing personal.

Haha, she’s got problems.

Issues, you carry too.

Your reality is composed based on how you treat another, so react in character- ready?

Set it up. Go, Action.

Self-importance is crucial to understanding how to love, communicate, and be- authentically.

If you do not see yourself in high regard or recognize that you are deserving or worthy of better, you will never allow yourself to experience new things.

You will always be okay with settling for the old and ugly (not that it is a bad thing, just definitely not as shiny).

I guess I learned that bits of this experience we call life have become real enough to see

That the beauty was never in just her, but you and me.

Growth in unity only comes to the free.

Never cage a butterfly. You said that to me.

I wouldn’t mind waking up to you every morning either.

And you, I get that you are no prince charming but at one point you were my forever.

And daddy I miss you. I love you. My father, Fiveever.

So, please. Cheers to all. All of us and you. You’ve come so far from being blue.

Writer's block.


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