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(Found File) A piece of me.

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

People treat you the way they treat themselves.

In the midst of it all,

I guess she really never knew who she was. She was always lost, always wanting to be seen and found for who she could be. Perhaps this is what made her realize that all along in this cage

she was screaming to be let out, set free.

Do you hear me? Do you see me? I think I’m alive but i'm barely breathing-

Help me? Maybe?

No, never mind.

I promise- I told you.

Fine, I won't do the line.

But see, hear me out.

Always touched, never felt- picked for beauty and then left with no words-

it was all unsaid? It was an act.

They said I need meds.

They said to me, "go get the help you freak!"

You're weak,

you're naive.

I said, "stop projecting you onto me."

You're losing me, and I’m losing you -don’t you see?

Do the work please- I’ll be here sitting but I won’t be waiting.

But you?

Will u be there hating? Like the others too?

You know, the ones that flew?

Away from me because of fear... don’t you hear me?

I’m barely breathing. Please don’t leave.

He said forever and I replied never- he said never, and then I said forever?

The beauty in art allows me to see- there’s glory in the tainted paint of you and me- please don’t leave.

I’m sheathing all of me from you and everything,

don’t you see?

I never had a heart, or at least

it was never alive and beating- only cut up and bleeding.

I never hated nor loved- I just did what was deemed right- and you?

Knowing you’d hurt me like the last narc, you said goodbye...

"It’s not you, it’s me"

- oh the causality-

but, "hey, how are you?"

Feeling like a fool for being lied to honestly...

Listen to me, I get it.

See the difference between u and I is that I see you and hear you when you're barely breathing- but you?

Well, you only care if you're feeling- me.

I'll stay over here, you'll be better off. It’s claustrophobic. It’s tight.

I'm tired of the ongoing fight.

I had said you were my light- my might.

I see you.

Stop hiding.

Watch, and I will show up because now that you’ve decided to see me for me and not you-

Wait, what'd you say?

You want me to stay?


Are you crying?

boohoo.... the world doesn’t revolve around you?

But guess what, mine does for me and I wouldn’t put you down just for me to see.

I hear you, I feel you- I know you well, you're fine, you're breathing- but me?

Don’t you worry, I'm here- staying afloat while drowning;



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