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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

What you see in me you carry.

How you perceive me, can curate who you are.

Who you are, will be defined by your actions, this includes words too.

Words can be thoughts, and thoughts too can be words.

As most things are influenced by who we think we are (our ego) be careful, for what you reap may be sewn in an unfruitful manner- just for you to then learn and grow away from what you once knew. This is good. Growth. Growth in spirit. #perspective.

All this wisdom I've gained throughout the years of being me and parts of you, have led me toward the unseen.

The things we hide from ourselves will soon be uncovered, but only once we see them from a different point of view. This is only if we want to... as with most things.

At times it is not just about the bird's eye view, or seeing things in a higher light, but also from an ant's perspective, or at a shadow's glance. It's the little things for me, which may be significant for you too. Balance is the nonduality we crave, yet it is only gained if we want to achieve it. Shadow work- this takes effort, just as much as breathing.

I curate these analogies to symbolize how small and yet infinite we are. We are galactic, interchangeable beings, who tend to be scared of standing up, speaking up, or fearful of a great change, hence why we stay in situations not meant for us or, stay as people we don't enjoy and relate to anymore.

Why is it that we are so capable of anything and yet the only thing that holds us back is how we are, who we've been, and even who we choose to be?

How do you see?

I am beyond grateful for the change within me.

I hope you too, have opened yourself up to listen-

We will never know until we try, so do not go and lie to yourself- there is always more than what meets the eye.

Meaning: whether we do it or we don't, whatever that is you want to do, we will learn- one way or another. Why judge, or hurt yourself for changing- growing?

We do not have to be like one another.

The judgments we have towards others are reiterations of the self-being exposed.

You not caring, shows you how deeply you care.

You not wanting them as friends, shows you how badly you wanted them as a friend.

You not needing, shows you how badly you needed.

You not being healthy, shows you how to be healthy.

It's contradicting, but through this, life shows you how to be, and bits of who you want to be.

The importance in all of this is for you to live authentically and gracefully.

But here's the thing, let us say you want to need, you want to care, and you want to have them as a friend, in the end, there was no need, not enough want to care, or want to have them as a friend... a learning process-


Do you see where I'm going with this?

What matters most won't matter in the end, and what matters, in the end, won't always be what matters most.

So cherish.

Live and act with grace.

Be humble.

Be true to who you want to be because that too will change.

People will act falsely, and so will you.

Until you wake up from the dream of the outside world and recognize your inner world as its mere reflection, you'll come to your senses.

Nothing matters. So make it matter. Why? well, because um.... for the kids.

Weren't you a kid too? I still consider myself one- till the day I go.

Do it for the younger you.

The one who wasn't scared to pick their nose and eat it, the one who farted without having to say anything because their laughter expressed it, the one who painted with their fingers and ran around naked because they were allowed to.

Give yourself permission to do it.

See from all points of view. Darkness will turn to light, as it too is a shade.

Judge none yet critique yourself, or do both and recognize your intention.

How do you view yourself? What would you like to change? What can you forgive? How would you like to live?? Be honest. No one has to know but you. And if they think otherwise about you- you've stayed true to what you are and raised your frequency, and energy on your own- just by being and seeing things from all points of view.

It takes time- wisdom- wisdom takes time- it takes sense- it takes understanding.

Words are not needed but then they are wanted- vice versa.

So to conclude the confusion or persuasion of thought, my ego is not yours- and yours is not mine, but..... how we see each other is who we are, and who we are is how we see one another.


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